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The PEDObike is the ORIGINAL of all wooden walking bikes for children and was designed in Germany in 1992. Their goal: a bike that is great fun for children and highly beneficial to their development. German companies have picked up the idea since, but so far no other bike this kind has achieved such high awards and ratings as the PEDObike.

bike The PEDObike is designed and manufactured by Holz-Hoerz in Muensingen, a German company with over 12 Million Euro sales per year, which continues to hand-craft all their products themselves.

Holz-Hoerz has won several prizes for outstanding function, design and quality of their products, such as "Spiel gut" a German Award for excellence in toy creation.

The company's philosophy is to invent fun, wooden products that are highly beneficial for a child's development - motor skills, sense of balance and coordination - and to ensure a high standard in design, material and safety at the same time. Holz-Hoerz has an excellent reputation throughout Europe. The PEDObike was manufactured to the company's high standards of safety and quality.

This remarkable little vehicle won the "Worlddidac" Silver Award Worldwide for best innovative educational product. It has received numerous enthusiastic reviews in the German magazines and on German national television, and has consistently received the highest recommendations. (ratings/press)

The benefits of riding the PEDObike are well known and appreciated. Besides selling it to families, the company also works with sports teams, therapeutic institutions, kindergardens and schools.

The PEDObike continues to be the only vehicle of its kind and offers a wide range of accessories for customizing and safety purposes.