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We are a German-American family owned business, based in Brooklyn, New York. We started in 2004, with the goal of bringing a selection of handmade German products which comply with our high expectations for quality, design, educational value and fun factor to the United States.

When our son Julian was 2 and a half years old, his grandparents from Germany gave him a PEDObike. This is when I began to fully appreciate why the PEDObike is so popular in Germany, and receives such high ratings and awards. The design is beautiful. Watching our son learn to use the bike I now also experienced its benefits and educational value.

The bike soon became our son's daily companion.

With it being a real headturner, everywhere we went curious parents stopped us with questions. My decision was confirmed: I wanted to make the PEDObike available to children and their parents in America.

We met with the manufacturer, Holz-Hoerz, in Germany and visited the production site, where all their products are hand-crafted. We were greatly impressed with their philosophy and their attention to excellence in all of their products. At that time, we expanded our company: In addition to distributing the PEDObike, Woodenbike became the US representative for Holz-Hoerz.

We are proud and excited to be chosen by the manufacturer, Holz-Hoerz to be their official distributor in the United States. We ourselves are happy and satisfied customers, and look forward to sharing the PEDObike and its "siblings" with others.


Gesa Kudlack-Fuchs